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The New Orleans Index at Five

Released: August 4, 2010

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In the five years following Hurricane Katrina—a tragedy compounded and made more complex by the Great Recession and the current Gulf oil spill—the people of New Orleans have shown a marked tenacity and resilience. The New Orleans Index at Five provides a comprehensive examination of the region through 20 key indicators, as well as seven topical essays informed by on–the–ground experience and research. An overview identifies remaining challenges and the efforts needed to ensure the continued transformation of New Orleans into a more prosperous region.

Executive Summary of The New Orleans Index at Five collection (1,446 KB)

A short, illustrated summary of the Overview, Twenty Indicators and Essay Series.

An Overview of New Orleans Index at Five: From Recovery to Transformation (493 KB)
Amy Liu (Brookings)
Allison Plyer (Greater New Orleans Community Data Center)

Key findings from the data trends and essays laying out the progress from Hurricane Katrina through the Recession and the Gulf oil spill, and a roadmap forward.

Twenty Indicators Measuring Greater New Orleans’ Progress Toward Prosperity
(6,194 KB)
Amy Liu (Brookings)
Allison Plyer (Greater New Orleans Community Data Center)

A review of the state of greater New Orleans measured by 20 indicators of prosperity, comparing, where possible, the post–Katrina period to the previous 25 years.


Essay Series Reviewing Key Reforms After Hurricane Katrina

A description of important changes taking place in New Orleans that have the potential to transform the city and the region.

School by School: The Transformation of New Orleans Public Education (720 KB)
Andre Perry (College of Education and Human Development, University of New Orleans)
Michael Schwam-Baird (Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives)

An Opportunity to Reinvent New Orleans’ Criminal Justice System (435 KB)
Nadiene Van Dyke (New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation), Jon Wool (Vera Institute of Justice), Luceia LeDoux (Baptist Community Ministries)

Community Health Clinics: Bringing Quality Care Closer to New Orleanians (592 KB)
Karen DeSalvo (Tulane University School of Medicine)

To the Heart of the Matter: Coastal Restoration and the Future of New Orleans (347 KB)
Mark Davis (Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy)

No More Surprises: Land Use Planning in the City of New Orleans (395 KB)
Robert Collins (Urban Studies and Public Policy, Dillard University)

Community Action: Bringing People Home to Stronger Neighborhoods (520 KB)
Kalima Rose (PolicyLink), Laura Tuggle (Southeast Louisiana Legal Services)

Citizen Engagement (714 KB)
Rick Weil (Department of Sociology, Louisiana State University)


Related background briefs

Economic Timeline: Selected Historical Events that Shaped the New Orleans Economy, 1700-2010
Richard Campanella (Tulane Center for Bioenvironmental Research)

Jobs that Matter Most: Regional Export Industries in the New Orleans Area
Allison Plyer (Greater New Orleans Community Data Center), Elaine Ortiz (Greater New Orleans Community Data Center)

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