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For more on post–Katrina reform efforts, including Mississippi reforms, check out Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita.

For a quick overview of the findings from The New Orleans Index at Six, check out our five–minute video briefing.

The analysis and graphs from The New Orleans Index at Six are also available as Power Point slides.

The New Orleans Index at Six

Measuring Greater New Orleans’ Progress Toward Prosperity

Released: August 28, 2011

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In the six years following Hurricane Katrina — a tragedy made more complex by the Great Recession and the Gulf oil spill — the New Orleans metro has continued on a trajectory of recovery that suggests both areas of positive change and remaining challenges. The New Orleans Index at Six provides the most up–to–date data on New Orleans’ transition from recovery to transformation. This Index is intended to be part of an ongoing series of reports that measure progress and prosperity in the greater New Orleans area with indicators selected from reliable data sources that are regularly updated to allow for tracking going forward

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Reference Maps: Geographies of Analysis
  • Economic Growth
    • Job Growth
    • Drivers of the Economy
    • Wages
    • Productivity
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation
    • Job Sprawl
    • Educated Workforce
  • Inclusion
    • Median Household Income
    • Affordable Housing
    • Median Household Income by Race and Ethnicity
    • Educational Attainment by Race and Ethnicity
    • Size of the City’s Middle Class
    • Size of the City’s Middle Class by Race and Ethnicity
    • Suburbanization of Poverty
  • Quality of Life
    • Arts and Culture
    • Quality Public Education
    • Public Safety
    • Neighborhood Quality and Blight
  • Sustainability
    • Commuting by Public Transit
    • Air Quality
    • Coastal Wetlands
  • Technical Notes on Data Sources
  • Endnotes
  • About the Authors

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Last modified: September 3, 2013